Those Love Bugs of Central Florida!

Love Bugs of Central Florida

I might have seen them before. I certainly heard of the term “love bugs” in the past. Now living in Florida means seeing love bugs in September when the love-making activity in late summer earns these bugs such moniker.

Florida Lizard

When there’s a prey, there’s a predator. Wherever and whenever you see a pair of love bugs, you’ll also spot a Florida lizard nearby looking at its all-you-can-eat-love-bug-buffet.

That brings me to a hit by Rihanna called S&M. I don’t know the whole lyrics but this line stuck in my head. It goes like this:

“Sex in the air

I don’t care

I love the smell of it”

Betcha $1 that the song writer knew a thing or two about love bugs. These flies (yes, they’re indeed flies) do their act in mid-air. Don’t get too jealous of their acrobatic ability to perform such fun-filled task though. According to Wiki, their males outlive their females by a few days. These bugs’ pheromone will soon fill the air and chock us up. Gasp!

That reminds me to ask the Teenagers to put on their deodorants.


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