Thai Coconut Milk Pudding ขนมถ้วย

Thai Coconut Pudding

Thanks to the authentic recipes in Thai from, I’m able to cook many dishes and make Thai desserts myself. The Thai coconut milk pudding is one of the sweets that I have the fondest childhood memory. Dated back from when I was a young child with the sweet tooth (which child doesn’t have a sweet tooth?) and would buy it from vendors carrying Thai-style baskets full of this goodie.

The pudding can be easily found in the freezer of any Thai grocery stores. I bought enough of these 6-piece packets that I have a lot of dipping sauce-sized, shallow bowls to fill a cupboard. I hate to throw these nice bowls away. One day I was also sick and tired of paying close to almost one American dollar for a tiny bite of the pudding just because it tastes like heaven.

Without further yapping, here’s the recipe.


For Bottom Layer

1/2 cup Rice Flour

2 tablespoons Arrowroot Flour (cornstarch as substitue)

1 cup Coconut Milk

1/2 Palm Sugar (white sugar as substitute)

For Top Layer

2 tablespoons Rice Flour

1 cup Coconut Cream

1/2 teaspoon Salt

Thai Chinese-Style Stacked Steamer from

Tools: solid and liquid measuring cups and spoons

large spoons

large steamer

tiny ceramic bowls

oven mitts

Two Mixtures

1. For bottom layer of pudding: mix together in a cup the first four ingredients and let the mixture out at a room temperature.

2. For top layer of pudding, also mix together in another cup the last three ingredients and let the mixture out at a room temperature.

3. Fill half of the bottom part of steamer with water. Line ceramic bowls in two top steamer pans (see picture). Put steamer pans back on the bottom part and cover them up. Heat the water so steam will sanitize bowls inside.

Boiling water in steamer

4. Once bowls are heated up, use oven mitts to take (1st ) steamer pan out (so you won’t burn yourself) and fill 3/4 of each bowl the the mixture made out of the four ingredients. Return steamer pan back on top of the boiling water  in the steamer. Cover with lid.

5.  Repeat step#4 with 2nd steamer pan.

6. It takes about 5 minutes for the bottom layer to set.

Bowls inside Steamer

7. Now the bottom layer pudding is firm, fill 1/4 of each bowl (or to the top rim) with the mixture made out of the last three ingredients. Return steamer pan back on top of the boiling water in the steamer. Cover with lid. It takes about 5 minutes for this top layer of pudding to set.

8. Remove steamer pan with utmost care. Everything is very hot. Use a spatula and spoon to cradle each bowl out. Put bowl on a plate and let it cool down.

9. This pudding is both sweet (coconut sugar) and creamy (coconut cream). Arrowroot flour makes the pudding texture almost jello-like. This recipe makes 30 puddings. Enjoy.

10. Canned coconut milk is used in this recipe. It comes in a regular-sized can of 14 oz. or 400 mL. The top part is heavy cream and can be used when the recipe calls for coconut cream. The watery part at the bottom (if you don’t shake the can well before opening it) and some of the heavy cream can be used as “coconut milk” here.


11. If you happen to keep those super tiny wooden ice cream spoons, they’re perfect to scoop out the pudding. Also, in a tiny bite. You won’t get fat from eating this heavy coconut cream because you’ll be spending too much time getting these itsy-bitsy pudding in your mouth. That activity does burn off those calories. Not.


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